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Circular Cities Summit 1.0

CCS 1.0 - Game-Changing Innovations for Future Cities

14-15 November, 2023

Get a glimpse of our inaugural CCS 1.0 and discover how the founding organisations came together under a historic MOU signing ceremony together with international speakers from United Nations, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, McKinsey & Company, and many other esteemed organisations.  Browse through our pictures and videos to get a feel of how we celebrate our commitment towards circular cities.

CCS 1.0 - Technical Site Visits

15 November, 2023

Our summit delegates journeyed through the verdant oasis of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where biodiversity thrives amidst the cityscape. They explored the innovative engineering marvel of Marina Barrage, where water management meets recreation, and witnessed the transformative power of green infrastructure at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, a testament to the harmonious coexistence of urban living and ecological resilience. 

Our CCS 1.0 Thought Leaders and Speakers
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A Message from the Chairman

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The Genesis of the Inaugural Circular Cities Summit

Amidst the crescendo of urbanisation and the pressing need for sustainable development, the genesis of the inaugural Circular Cities Summit emerges as a beacon of purpose and vision. This seminal event is not merely an assembly of minds; it is a testament to the collective urgency to reimagine the urban landscape.

Mooted by a confluence of global imperatives and the passion of trailblazers, the Circular Cities Summit was conceived with a steadfast purpose:

Global Imperatives: As our cities swell in population and resource consumption, the imperative for change becomes inescapable. Circular economies are poised to decouple growth from resource depletion, making them a cornerstone of sustainable development goals.

Interdisciplinary Synergy: The summit acknowledges that true transformation can only be achieved through the harmonious symphony of planners, architects, engineers, and landscape architects. Their collective wisdom, when synchronised, can revolutionise the very essence of urban design.

Leadership Catalyst: By unifying leaders from diverse fields, the summit ignites a fire of leadership. It empowers professionals to wield their expertise not just for individual projects, but as beacons guiding entire cities towards circularity.

Inspiration Through Convergence: The Circular Cities Summit is more than a gathering; it's a convergence of aspirations, ideas, and innovations. It emboldens attendees to transcend individual silos and foster cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Pioneering a Movement: The summit is the cradle of a movement that propels circular principles from theory into practice. It is an arena where policies, strategies, and partnerships germinate and take root.

Organised with meticulous care, the Circular Cities Summit stands as an emblem of hope and progress. It is a response to the clarion call for sustainable cities, where waste is minimized, resources are cherished, and the echo of its impact resonates for generations. Together, as stewards of the urban landscape, we embark on a journey of transformation, driven by purpose and guided by innovation.

‍ Discover how engineers and architects are implementing circular actions in urban projects to create more sustainable and resilient cities. 

With unwavering determination,

Damian Tang
Organising Chair, Circular Cities Summit

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